Monday, December 5, 2011

Dig The Link, Link The Diggity. (No Doubt).

My dear friend Jurz runs a blog centered around his rather remarkable ability to be circumspect and philosophically tangential about damn near any subject. Kid can muse on things like nobody's business. Anyway, we have a number of hippy-type friends who are inclined, shall we say, to view sports as establishment-y and fit for consumption only by the narrow-minded and unprogressive. Today, Jurz posted a rather thorough dissection of the many ways in which NFL football can be enjoyed even by those who are prejudiced against its perceived, uh, neanderthal-ity. It's a good read. Look for more pf his desultory thoughts on the sports world to be linked here in the future. Enjoy.

Heeeeeeere Ya Go.

(If you write about sports and think I'd enjoy your work/want me to link to it, feel free to get in touch.


  1. I suppose i should respond to this well-written post with a profound, thought-out critique of its understandings of (a) football and (b) people who don't like football.

    Instead, I'll just say that "if our team loses we say “they” lost, but that’s for another day" tells you all you need to know about Giants fans.

  2. Oh damn, Drew! That's just cold. Funny, but cold. If y'all start some sort of vendetta in here, I'll be forced to ban you both.

  3. Unfortunately Mr. Kaufman, it's a fallacy of the mind and you do it too. Only once you know you do it can you stop it, so I'll let you buy me drink for rooting that out.

    I also noticed that your Club printed some stock recently - which is a brilliant move considering how small an offering it was. I wish I could print money like that...