Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Woah!!! Deadspin Just Broke

About 20 minutes ago, I idly hopped over to Deadspin to see what I could see, and found this article concerning an article on Tim Tebow, a comments section that exploded, and the ensuing online fracas twixt the World Wide Leader's moderators and the commentors who didn't appreciate having their posts deleted. As Deadspin notes, the "X > Tebow" meme began as a gag, but when the moderators started trying to control the situation, it turned into an all-hands-on-deck exercise in overwhelming the perceived oppressors. What they fail to note, either out of modesty or possibly lack of consideration, is their own, very hefty contribution to the mayhem.

It's no secret that one of Deadspin's favorite activities is ragging on ESPN in general and a good number of their employees in particular for their many failures, omissions, and sometimes downright dumb opinions. And, of course, many of Deadspin's readers share that less-than-flattering opinion of the WWL. Here's a cupcake-easy thought experiment for you:

What happens when an already insane situation involving ESPN and the internet is brought to the attention of a huge Deadspin readership who already don't like ESPN and have a chance to participate in the sinking of the proverbial ship?

This. (Scroll down to the comments section and behold.)

You can tell the Deaspin masses got involved because the comments suddenly became either purposefully debauched and offensive, vitriolic towards Bill Simmons, Colin Cowherd, and Skip Bayless, or contained other Deadspin memes like "Gregggggggggggggggg Easterbrook."

I've been staring at that comments section on-and-off for 20 minutes. This post is taking me twice as long to type as it should because my computer keeps slowing down to deal with the deluge. It's a monsoon of comments. A freaking web-posting tsunami. I've never seen anything like this. They're coming in too fast to even read. They've been moving at that clip for at least 30 minutes, and they don't show any signs of flagging enthusiasm.

The meme is X > Tebow. The full formula looks like this:

((X > Tebow) x MBI (moderators being idiots))^Deadspin = Holy %@%#!!!!

I just looked at it again. Still rolling. Snuck in among the gazillions of short, pithy posts explaining that X is, in fact, better or greater than Tim Tebow, this gem: "This. Is. Amazing!"

And it is. Viva La Revolution!!!

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